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Fishing Report Frenzy Charters Reef and Game

29th January 2019
Dolphin Fish and mixed reef fish with a good run of summer Snapper.

14th January 2019
Dolphin Fish to the South, Snapper on the Northern grounds.
Year started of slow, cancelled a number of trips due to bad weather, turned the corner now and the fishing been great.

22nd December 2018
Havernt fished a lot this month, unfavourable weather.
For the few days we have fished, Dolphin Fish have been plentifull.

26th November 2018
Ever wanted to stretch your arms, summer months, Marlin, Dolphin Fish, Wahoo, Mackerel, and Tuna to name a few may be found in our waters.
Trolling is not everyone’s cup of tea, typically we reef fish year round, but over the summer months there MAY BE / WILL BE the odd day where the East Coast current is running too hard to successfully fish the bottom.
On days we can’t fish the bottom, trolling may be our only option, rotating strike with our guests. (keep this in mind if booking over Christmas and into the New Year)
GAME FISHING on your wish list, get a group together and give us a call. (private charters from as little as $1960.00 for max 8 guests)
Full day reef fishing for individuals $245.00
For charter info and bookings please phone Gary and Noelle 3209 4576

12 November 2018
Blue Fin Fishing Club took advantage of some hungry Snapper yesterday, onboard Frenzy Charters

29th October 2018
Mixed reef fish, starting to see a change in seasons with  a few bigger Dolphin Fish being caught.

24th October 2018
Pan sized Snapper at Deep Tempest, a few bigger fish along the 29s, Dolphin Fish Cathedrals.

5th October 2018
Have catching some quality Snapper on recent trips, along the 29 fathom reef.

3rd September 2018

September is typically a good month for reef fishing in our waters.
However, we have had a couple of slow days in late August, picking up a little for Fathers day.
When it comes to fishing there will be days with more fishing than catching, and theres nothing that can be done about it.

19th August 2018 
Fantastic couple of days sunny skies, flat seas and Whales all around.
Friday  -  Snapper, Pearl Perch and a good bite of Teraglin made the day, not a good fighting fish, but excellent eating.
Saturday -  south to the Cathedrals couldn’t  get a bite so moved further south (good views of Gold Coast high rises) same deal.
Worked our way wide for Snapper and Pearl Perch
Nice Snapper

24th July 2018
Excellent Snapper season, all operators reporting great catches 


17th July 2018
Quality Snapper in good numbers, past couple of weeks.


1st July 2018
Good Snapper catches and a few big Pearlies, July looking good.

Brisbane caught Pearl Perch

16th June 2018
Snapper showing up in good numbers, Pearl Perch and Venus Tusk Fish

22nd May 2018
Mixed bins caught on recent charters, Snapper, Pearl Perch, Tusk Fish, and Cod

7th May 2018

Snapper starting to show in good numbers, Pearl Perch and Venus Tusk Fish

26th April 2018
Nice mixed bin yesterday, with a feed of Snapper for the crew

15th April 2018
Snapper in excellent numbers yesterday, with a few around 3kg in the mix.

2nd April 2018
Dolphin Fish early, Venus Tusk Fish, Pearl Perch and a few pan sized Snapper.

18th March 2018
Early Dolphin Fish bite, pan sized Snapper and Venus Tusk Fish today.
Dolphin Fish
5th March 2018
Dolphin Fish caught on recent trips, great fun and excellent eating.

12th February 2018
Great weekend after a couple weeks lay up with bad weather.
Bread and butter species, Snapper, Pearl Perch and Tusk Fish, 29s and 33s.
Two weeks of solid swell has shifted sand on South Passage Bar. We found running further north, on the northern side of the middle channel bank, to find deeper water.
For booking please phone Gary & Noelle 3209 4576

24th January 2018
Excellent catches of mixed reef fish on recent trips.

9th January 2018
2018 off to a great start, flat seas and a good run of Pearl Perch on the reef.
Pearl Perch
31st December 2017
It's been a great 2017, Snapper down on quality, but in good numbers.
Still catching some good reef fish when conditions allow. Typically we reef fish year round on shared charters, but during the summer months, the East Coast Current will, at times, be strong and pushing hard ashore,. On days like this our best option will be to deploy troll lines, Save your dollars till winter if trolling is not for you. When trolling, strike is rotated and fish shared amongst the boat where practical
Looking forward to the new year, tight lines and stay safe.
Cheer Gary and Noelle
Amber Jack

26th December 2017
Good run of fine weather, just what the doctor ordered for the lead up to Christmas, with all operators enjoying solid bookings and great catches.
Trag more Trag and a few AJs on recent trips, BREAD & BUTTER species in our Southern waters, Not a very sporty fish but great for the table.
Gift Vouches - Yes
Bookings over Christmas and New Years - Yes 
For bookings please phone Gary & Noelle 07 3209 4576

28th November 2017
Great catches of quality Trag last week. A bread and butter spiecies for our Southern grounds, Not a very sporty fish but right up there for eating quality.

6th November 2017
Excellent Snapper catches on recent trips, a little slower around the full moon.Pearl Perch and Venus Tusk Fish.
Water temperature on the rise, starting to see Dolphin Fish, Mackerel etc.

2nd October 2017
Blue Fin Fishing Club on board yesterday,
Pan sized Snapper in good numbers and Pearl Perch

11 September 2017
Quality table fish for our guests.

4th September 2017

Excellent run of Snapper continues, mixed reef fish adding some coulor to the bin.
Mixed Reef Fish
23rd August 2017
Christmas fast approaching,call now to avoid disappointment.
Today Snapper, quality down but good bite.
To reserve your place phone Gary & Noelle 07 3209 4576

2nd August 2017
Great month to get out and try your luck for a big Snapper, good results on recent trips, Snapper, Pearl Perch and Venus Tusk Fish.

14th June 2017
Good run of pan sized Snapper on recent trips. Weather hasnt been to kind of late but should settle as we move into winter.

4th April 2017
Time to pack, we're taking a break, will be checking out the fisheries off Florida's coast, Mexico and Alaska. Of special interest the Broadbill fishery off Florida, purchased a couple of night time lures some time back, so hoping to get some tips on the best methods. The waters off Florida Keys have produced Broadbill on the troll at night and bait fishing day and night.
Probably not the demand for charters in Brisbane, but its on my bucket list to catch one in our local waters. Have caught Broadbill in the past on commercial gear and there's been some captures on rod and reel in our southern states.
Back on deck for Snapper season early May, Jodie will be manning the phones.
For bookings please phone 3209 4576

26th March 2017
Mixed bags this weekend
Friday Pearl Perch, Saturday Dolphin Fish , today Pan Sized Snapper and Venus Tusk Fish.
Places available for next Sundays, reef fishing trip.
Fridays Deep Drop is a goer, pending suitable sea conditions.
For booking please phone 3209 4576

20th March 2017
The weekend forecast was full of gloom and doom, by late Friday the low had slipped to the South. Too late for Saturdays trip, but great conditions today. Pan sized Snapper on the 33s until the current picked up, forced in close (29s), fishing was patchy with a lot of juvenile fish, all good for the future.

12th March 2017
Out with the old and in with the new.
The boys at Rogers and Lough have been busy the last couple of weeks fitting a pair of new Cummins engines, big effort to get us in the water for the weekend. More power, speed and performance equals more fishing time for our guests.
Covered a lot of ground this weekend, our best bite was along the 29s, pan sized Snapper, Wrasse, Jew and Venus Tusk Fish. Battled a small Black Marlin on light gear for around half hour today. The fish was always going to win

12th February 2017
Last couple of days fished the Deep Tempest grounds via Cape Moreton, South Passage Bar a little cranky.
Pan sized Snapper with a lot of juvenile fish. Well done to Bettina with a nice GT.
6th February 2017
Dolphin Fish  around the Brisbane wave rider bouy, and mixed reef fish when conditons allow.

22nd January 2017
Good numbers of Dolphin Fish on recent trips, great fun and excellent table fish.

13th January 2017
Strong currents this month may make reef hard work. 
Trolling may be your best option, but does require patients.






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